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This is a member only show please refer to for details.

Judge- A.J. Genter - Ohio

Cards do 9am show starts 10am
Showmanship to follow

We will be utlizing the online pen reservation system again but in a different fashion. We will only be reserving aproximatly half of the pens leaving around 100 pens for first come first serve when the barn opens Friday at 5:00 pm. The pens will cost 15.00 dollars. We hope the higher cost will encourage two pigs per pen. If you do not wish to spend the money on the convenience of the pen reservation system the second half of the pens will be available first come first serve when the barn opens at 5:00 pm on the 2nd.

Pens will go up for sale mid morning on Tuesday the 30th

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If I have to pay $15 because I can't get off work and make it there by 5:00 and I need to double up does that mean the first come first serve people need to double up too?

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I sent in my membership in and the check has never Been cashed and I am coming to the show in the morning but I don't want to have to pay membership again?? Please respond to this or is there someone I can call?
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